Judging A Book

Judging A Book

How Are Android Apps Developed?
10.07.2017 15:24

The massive popularity of Android smartphones and tablets can be attributed to its huge repository of apps. Although Windows Mobile as well as Apple's iOS provides a much cleaner operating system stack, Android's biggest advantage is that it has a lot more native apps that both combined. As of 2013, there are 900, 000 Google android apps developed, with more than 30 billion downloads by its users. This has been made possible by the adaptation of the open-source philosophy, which lets developers utilize the entire system stack to create applications.


Ever since the inception of Android os operating system, Google has provided developers with the facility to create their own apps using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). The applications are developed utilizing the Android API, which is built on top of the Java programming language. In fact , the syntax used for coding the applications is loosely based on the Java specifications. This has made it possible for existing Espresso developers to migrate to the Android development environment and create apps.

The actual Android advancement kit provides a lot of useful tools such as the debugger, interface libraries, exhaustive documentation, tutorials and sample code. However , the best feature of this SDK is the built-in emulator, which can be used to test out the application. The particular emulator offers a sample mobile screen and also keyboard-controlled operational capabilities.

Typically the Android SDK can be downloaded from its official website along with keyword installs for android apps installed as an add-on tool on the Eclipse IDE. Over shadow is one of the oldest and widely used development environments for all Java-based programming languages. Moreover, the actual apps could be created in addition to deployed on all the major desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac OS.


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